Resilience is essential in our sector

We’ve faced a lot of changes this year, and some of them have been pretty tough. Resilience has become one of the most important qualities we can nurture. At Funding HQ, we know that careful planning, community focus and holding your values close can lift your ability to face challenges. Below are some of the things we have learnt about building resilience in our sector. 

Planning ahead helps build resilience

If we’ve learnt one thing in 2020, it’s to expect the unexpected!

Having a plan in place means that when things are going well, you can spend less time worrying about ‘what if’. When something challenging does come up, a sound plan can make it easier to take things in your stride.

Funding HQ, helps you make a plan to diversify your income streams to reduce your level of reliance on any single source, and thus your risk. Of course, there’s more to building a resilient project plan than finding funding.  

Funding HQ’s modules cover areas such as sponsorship and philanthropic partnerships, and local government funding. The modules offer tools to nurture sustainable relationships and help you handle the unexpected. 

Community connections support resilience

Community connections have a pivotal role to play in resilience because they’re a source of social belonging. That’s so important in these times of social distancing!

If your work focuses on meeting a community need, then you play a unique role in building community resilience. Enjoy the relationships you’re able to create. These networks give you access to new ideas, skills, connections and opportunities.

Clear purpose builds resilience

Values orient and anchor us. So, it’s vital to connect with the values behind your project to embed resilience. When your work has a clear sense of purpose, and it fits with what matters to those involved, you’ll find it easier to bring people together to deal with the tough stuff. Clarity on values is like a compass that helps you find your way in storms of change.

You’ll find plenty of ideas on this throughout the Funding HQ coaching content to bring your values and purpose to life. This blog also has ideas about supporting your team’s motivation. 

Keep moving forward

If you’d like to work on raising and diversifying your funding streams, Funding HQ has everything you need. However, your personal passion and energy is important too. If you’ve found this year tough on your mental wellbeing, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone who can help. It’s not an indulgence; it’s essential. The Mental Health Foundation has some useful resources.