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  • [Webinar 6] The role of the board in fundraising

    The next Funding HQ webinar will be held on Monday 28th March 2022. This webinar will cover the role of the board in fundraising, and we would love you to join us.  This webinar will cover  Role of the board in fundraising  How Board members contribute to sustainable philanthropy  Managing philanthropy whilst maintaining your personal […]

  • [Webinar 5] Fundraising wellbeing

    The next Funding HQ webinar will be held on Monday 30th August. This webinar will cover fundraising wellbeing, and we would love you to join us.  This webinar will cover  How to cope with rejection Keeping your energy levels up Staying focusses Managing other people’s expectations This webinar is part of Funding HQ’s series that […]

  • [Webinar 4] Key principles for success in philanthropy

    Funding HQ’s upcoming lunchtime webinar on Monday 26th July will provide expert tips on key principles for success in philanthropy, and we’d love you to join us.  The webinar will cover: Cycles of giving How to identify potential donors and the importance of alignment Developing a donor framework Making the ask Stewardship is vital Looking […]

  • Council and racers win through partnership

    Two racers motivate each other

    Innovative Councils are helping to build resilience, sustainability and impact in their local not-for-profit sector, even when budgets are tight. The current environment is particularly demanding for key funders.

  • [Webinar 3] Sponsorship approaches

    Funding HQ - webinar

    Funding HQ’s upcoming lunchtime webinar on Monday 29th March will provide expert tips on sponsorship approaches, and we’d love you to join us.

  • Let’s celebrate our volunteers


    Did you know New Zealand has 500,000 volunteers in sports and recreation alone? Imagine how many there are across every industry and sector. Volunteers are crucial in driving social, environmental and economic transformation through organisations like those in the Funding HQ family. We can all be inspired by the loyalty, generosity, and skills they offer […]

  • An insiders guide to local government funding

    Local Government Funding

    We recently completed the second webinar in our series. This time we focussed on sharing inside tips for developing an effective funding relationship with your Council.  Our Funding HQ in-house expert, Craig Ireson has over ten years’ experience in local government and has worked with councils of every size. He shared his best insider’s insights.  […]

  • Innovation for fundraising; we kiwis are leading the way

    Innovation for fundraising

    Funding HQ I was born from a desire to help not-for-profit and community organisations to be financially stable so that our communities can thrive. When I’m talking to organisations about Funding HQ, I can see how passionate they are about their communities and how innovative they are with the projects and activities. Five months on […]

  • Understand a donor’s motivation and then help them achieve their goals

    Team meeting

    It’s essential to be open and flexible in your approach when working with a large donor or philanthropist, especially around what motivates them to give. You may be surprised. Being open and attentive in early meetings will help you to respond to a donor’s needs. It can even uncover exciting new benefits. Jenni Giblin recalls […]