Funding HQ can help lift your fundraising capability to the next level


We’re here to help in a range of sectors and communities; from art organisations, to social service providers, environmental groups, sports groups, and schools that require funding. 

We know some groups now need to look at new ways and approaches to fundraising. Now more than ever it is important to be strategic with fundraising. This requires planning and diversification. That’s where Funding HQ can help. We believe those looking to raise between $30,000 and $2million will get the most from Funding HQ. 

Funding HQ can help with a vast range of funding needs – both for one-off projects, to organisations needing ongoing fundraising support.

Funding HQ is a self directed learning membership that gives our users access to: 


Access to NZ Funding Database

The database is updated and refreshed monthly. The database contains the following funds all Central Government by Government Ministry/Department and Agency, Local Government, Gaming and Community Trusts and Foundations. This information can be sorted by sector and by region with information on opening and closing dates, fund criteria and funding amounts.

Funding membership

End-to-end fundraising coaching membership including strategic planning, developing your organisations compelling case for investment, your organisations ‘why’ and outcome that you are delivering back to your community. Coaching and support to help your organisation develop and implement a diverse fundraising plan including detailed modules on how to successfully secure funds from Central Government, Local Government, Corporate Sponsorships and Partners, Philanthropy, Gaming and Community Trusts and Foundations and Community Fundraising. Comprehensive coaching modules on how to look after and retain your funding partners, how to activate their involvement, measure the impact of their contributions and report back to them.


Personalised zoom or phone call coaching sessions with one of our expert fundraising coaches to provide support, strategic advice, peer review work and a supporting ear during the challenging and sometimes lonely aspects of fundraising.


Downloadable templates and frameworks which can be populated to help guide the development and implementation of your funding plan.


Link to useful and relevant websites to provide additional support.


Access to monthly Q&A sessions with our team of fundraising experts where all members of Funding HQ are invited to ask questions and seek additional support. This is a unique way to connect with other fundraising sectors across New Zealand, share insights and support each other.

Fundraising webinars 

Access to quarterly webinars which are recorded and can be accessed by your membership login. 

Funding HQ is your complete solution

Funding HQ is a self-directed online platform that gives you all the coaching, templates, tips, tools and resources you need to get a successful funding outcome. It guides you through the following essential steps to navigate today’s new funding environment.


The platform has three key modules.

  • Building a compelling case for funding
  • Creating your funding plan
  • Designing your funder retention plan



  • Build a compelling case for funding with the information that funders look for most. This resource will help you to effectively position your project or organisation to meet funder criteria and increase your chances of funding success. 


  • Create your own tailor-made fundraising plan which identifies funding opportunities across a broad range of sources and outlines the ‘who, what and when’ for your funding applications. Being organised is one of the keys to winning funding. Having a clear and strategic plan will help you increase your chances of getting more funding, more often. 


  • Create a plan to look after your funders effectively in order to retain and even grow their contributions over time 
And this is only the start! Funding HQ will continue to release additional features and content. The fundraising landscape is ever changing, so we will be updating and adding material on funding opportunities constantly.


Funding HQ helps you to:

  • Discover new funding opportunities that match your needs
  • Build a compelling case for investment
  • Develop a funding plan with a diverse range of funding sources
  • Tailor applications to demonstrate alignment to a funder’s priorities and criteria
  • Understand how to approach funders and make ‘the ask’
  • Measure and report on the ‘impact’ of a funder’s contribution
  • Look after funders and establish long-term partnerships


You’re in control

We designed Funding HQ with your busy life in mind.

You can work through the step-by-step modules over time. You can make a start on any of the modules and come back to them when it suits you.

To be successful in fundraising takes time and commitment. What you put in, you’ll get out.  The good news is that with Funding HQ you’ll have access to the tools and techniques you need and we are here to support you to get the results you seek.

Get the fundraising support you need.

If your organisation is currently looking to raise $30,000 or more and is committed to building fundraising capability, we’d love to work with you.