Here’s a few of the Frequently Asked Questions from people that are interesting in Funding HQ. If you have any specific questions please contact us.

How Much does it cost?

You can pay for your membership in two ways, either an annual membership of $3,564.00 + GST or monthly payments of $297.00 + GST.

Is there any support from the Funding HQ team throughout the programme?

Yes! We offer monthly one-on-one check ins to help guide you through the Funding HQ programme.
These check ins can be used however you like; this may be:
– Getting tips from one of our Funding HQ experts
– Having one of our expert’s peer review your work to make sure you are on track
– A brainstorming session to talk through new ideas that you’re thinking of trying
Or just someone to talk to as we all know fundraising can be challenging  

Is Funding HQ right for me and my fundraising requirements?

Funding HQ has been built to help many organisations in many ways, but the three core benefits are:
1. Helping organisations understand what funding opportunities are out there.
2. Helping organisations save time and stay focused through, and at times pretty complicated and overwhelming fundraising process.3. Helping you provide the right answers and the right information in funding applications to significantly increase your chances of fundraising success.
Funding HQ is suitable for both one-off projects as well as for ongoing funding requirements.
We believe it is most useful and helpful for anyone looking to raise anything above $50,000 – either as a one-off requirement or as a recurring requirement.

I am an individual, is funding hQ the right fit for me?

No, unfortunately the Funding HQ programme has been designed for organisations not individuals.

How long should it take to complete?

Essentially this pretty much depends on how easily you can get your hands on the relevant information that potential funders require.
We’d advise that you start by setting aside say 30 minutes to an hour and quietly going through the process, the questions that are asked and the information you will need to provide.
Then you might hatch a plan where different people are allocated different modules or are set the tasks of finding the relevant information.
The good news is you can start and stop and come back to it as you get time and different people can log in and complete different sections as they get time as well.
The other good news is that with an ongoing Funding HQ membership you only need to do most of the hard work once. From there it can simply be updated and modified as required as further funding opportunities come along over time.

Does Funding HQ have a New Zealand database of available funds?

Yes, there is a database on the website that contains over 1,300 New Zealand funds. The database includes funds from Central government, Local government trust and foundations. The database is an easy to use tool as you can filter by sector, region, amounts, purpose and open/closing dates.

So how does it all work and what’s involved from my end?

In a nutshell Funding HQ is an online self-directed guide that gives you all the coaching, templates, tips, tools and resources needed to get you and your organisation to a hopefully successful funding outcome.
– It does this by guiding you through the following important steps:
creating a compelling pitch which identifies key information that funders are looking for. This resource will help you to effectively position your project or organisation to meet funder criteria and increase your chances of funding success.
– showing you how to create your own tailor-made fundraising plan which identifies your fundraising opportunities across a broad spectrum of funding streams including trusts, sponsorship, community fundraising, government and councils etc.
– advising you on a funder retention plan which identifies how to effectively look after your funders in order to keep them onboard and perhaps encouraging them to increase their contributions over time.
As an outcome you will have:
– A robust, relevant proposal to use for fundraising applications and approaches.
– An application letter template which can be easily tailored to each specific funder, using your compelling case for investment as a point of reference.
– A funding plan which identifies where you are going to source funding, when you are going to apply and who in your organisation is responsible for the applications.
– A centralised dashboard which saves you time with tracking your fundraising progress and ensures you are keeping up to date with fundraising tasks and not missing important application deadlines.
– A plan for how your organisation can retain your funding partners cost effectively and efficiently.

Is Funding HQ the right fit for my organisation?

Funding HQ has been designed to fit any not for profit organisation. The results will be determined on how much time and energy you dedicate to the platform, as with any self-directed study, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. We recommend that you have one dedicated person to work through the platform that has capacity to do so. 

How long does my membership last?

Each membership is for 12 months.  When we developed the programme, we decided that it would take up to 12 months to not only work through the modules but to put a diversified funding plan in place and start executing it.  If you work through it quicker than anticipated, then you can put the 1:1 coaching to good use by using this time to tailor your sponsorship approaches.

What happens after the first 12 months?

We’d love to continue working with you!  Memberships can be renewed annually and gives you access to the funder database and monthly 1:1 coaching sessions with our team. We can help revise your compelling case for investment on an annual basis as it’s important that this documentation is kept fresh and relevant.

Should I just use Funding HQ as a one-off or as an ongoing helping hand?

Whether you’re just wanting to complete a single funding project, or you have an ongoing annual requirement, we strongly advise you to keep all your progress and processes in the one place at Funding HQ until you are successful.
For example, we would recommend using the funding plan dashboard at least monthly (if not weekly) to ensure you can easily track where you are at with your fundraising goals and stay on top of key application dates and upcoming funding requirements. Being organised is half the battle and the dashboard helps you stay on track.
Then, the application process consists of three key modules (building a compelling case for investment, building your funding plan, building your funding retention plan). Once these are completed, we would strongly recommend that the coaching modules are revisited regularly – say quarterly.  New features will continually be added, and the expert coaching content will be updated as new funding opportunities arise. Also, your fundraising requirements may change which could present different/additional funding opportunities.

Can I stop, start, pause and come back when I get time?

Yes, you can. Funding HQ is designed with your busy life in mind.
You can make a start on any of the modules and come back to them at a later time when it suits.
Progress indicators will show you how far you are through each module so you can easily see where you left off and pick up again from there.
Also, multiple people can access and collaborate on completing the modules so that you share the load. We also believe everyone in an organisation has a role to play in fundraising.

Does Funding HQ hold a record of our applications to refer back to over time?

Yes, as part of your ongoing membership, we provide a centralised online storage system to ensure all your key information and documentation can be easily accessed at any time. This includes a complete record of your previous funding applications and ensures information never gets lost or forgotten – even when the people on your project move on.

Will you let me know about the best times of year to apply for funding?

The coaching content will provide resources and links which will identify when it is best to apply for your funding.

How much does Funding HQ cost to help me through all this?

An annual membership will cost $297 + GST per month. For this you will get:
– Access to expert coaching content, resources and tools which have been developed by a team of fundraising experts;
– A funding plan which saves you time and increases your chances of getting more funding, more often
– A funder retention plan which will save you time and make your organisation more targeted and effective when it comes to relationship management;
– An account which enables multiple people within your organisation to collaborate on your compelling pitch and funding plan;
– An online dashboard, from which you can easily track fundraising activity;
– Automated notifications for fundraising deadlines;
– A suite of tools for generating effective applications (cover letters etc.).
– A secure online account which stores all your organisation’s fundraising related information in one easy to access location;
The platform is driven by a highly experienced consultancy team so there will also be premium membership available for those who are wanting access to webinars, peer reviews, one off consulting add-ons etc.