Keep your funding team motivated – it matters

When money is scarce, it’s tempting to put all your focus on building income and cutting costs. Yet, taking time for your team can help you achieve all your goals and truly thrive. Keeping your funding team motivated matters now more than ever.

Talk to your team to empower them

Good communication in a team is fundamental. Being transparent is critical when you need everyone to work together. If you’re genuine about preserving jobs in a struggling organisation, then sharing targets and progress allows your team to back you in tough decisions. You’ll empower them to share a sense of responsibility for success. We heard of one leader who explained the organisation’s challenging situation to her team. The ideas and commitments the staff offered were plentiful and creative. Importantly, they took ownership of cost reductions and income growth.

It’s vital to show your employees you care about more than their work outputs.e For instance, let them know you appreciate their ready smile or movie recommendations. Little things can make a big difference to people’s energy levels. Check they’re comfortable at their desks – a draft can make an employee miserable. Simply being polite and friendly can go a long way.  

Celebrate your team’s wins

Celebrating wins within the team has plenty of benefit. According to a Westminster College poll on employee motivation, 69 percent of people surveyed would work harder if they believed their leaders appreciated their work Why not build some ‘rituals of recognition’ into your workplace culture. Your team could make nominations for ‘weekly wins’. A well-deserved round of applause is motivating and memorable, while spontaneous celebrations allow you to be sincere and more personal. A note of thanks on someone’s desk can make a daunting task feel worthwhile.  Never underestimate the power of chocolate!

Have fun at work with your team.

Finally, get creative and invite others in your team to contribute ideas. Imagine the positive impact on your organisation if each of your employees is excited about coming to work every day. Even small things can lift people’s spirits – fruit in your break area or fresh flowers in the bathroom. A shared soup lunch is easy to organise. Imagine how the smell of fresh bread and warm tummies would bolster your team’s morale.

There’s nothing like a strong team working together to take you from surviving to thriving. More than ever, care counts. 


June 2020.