Five things to help shore up your funding – even in lock down

The funding and operating environment has changed dramatically, almost overnight. Although we don’t know exactly what the coming months will bring, what you do now will help secure your funding streams and future success. Here are five steps you can take today, even in lockdown. 

  1. Strengthen relationships with your funders with authenticity and care.
    Funders are people too! Like all of us, they’re facing a new reality for themselves and their families. They’ll appreciate you asking how they are and if there’s anything they need from you.
  2. Show appreciation for your funders and their impact – to them and the world.
    Thank your funders for their support and be clear about what it means for those you serve. Share stories that reveal how you’re helping people, changing lives and making a difference. Be sure to include both numbers and personal comments you hear. 
  3. Ensure you’re meeting your obligations with accountability and transparency.
    Covid-19 has meant huge changes to the way we operate and how we deliver our projects and programmes. Be clear about how your work has been affected. In extreme cases, you may need to offer to return funds – that’s not easy for any organisation but operating with integrity is always the best course of action. 
  4. Review your strategy for the new environment.
    The best place to start is by reviewing your vision and values. These should lead you through whatever challenges the environment brings. Your strategy will probably have to change, and your tactics undoubtedly will. Don’t be afraid to seek outside help and insights – there’s never been a time when collaboration is more important or welcome.
  5. Keep everything on track with Funding HQ.
    Giblin Group has set up an innovative platform to give groups of any size cost-effective access to our expertise. It will help you understand how to diversify your funding strategy and discover funding opportunities that meet your needs. It gives you tools to build your case for investment and increase your chances to win funding. 

If you’d like more information on any of these steps, then check out our website for our latest thinking. If you’d like to speak directly to one of our expert practitioners, then please contact us. We’re here to support you in helping our communities thrive.


May 2020