Innovation for fundraising; we kiwis are leading the way

Funding HQ I was born from a desire to help not-for-profit and community organisations to be financially stable so that our communities can thrive. When I’m talking to organisations about Funding HQ, I can see how passionate they are about their communities and how innovative they are with the projects and activities.

Five months on from our launch, the feedback and work we’re doing with Funding HQ clients confirms my instinct;  Funding HQ’s innovation has the potential to really change the way people seek funds and the way funders will distribute funds in New Zealand.

Collaborate to innovate

We’re an innovative bunch us Kiwis. Communities throughout the country are demonstrating this with their innovative programmes and platforms for change. One driver of our innovation is our ability to collaborate and to partner with other community groups and funders; it can be the cornerstone for success for many fundraising projects.

Often organisations are so focused on their own outcomes they forget that an easy win might be right in front of them with another organisation, corporate or individual. It’s heartening when you see community organisations come together to provide better outcomes for the wider community.

We worked with Taranaki Regional Council to help with funding for the new Yarrow Stadium. Whilst it will be a sporting facility for high performance athletes, it will also cater for a broad range of sports disciplines, schools, and grass roots sport clubs, as well as a wide range of community events and activities. What a great win for all the community!

Trust builds innovation

Trust also plays a big part when it comes to collaboration and innovation. It’s one of the core values that Funding HQ is built on.

Kiwis have a reputation for trust. Our innovative care-centred approach in our management of Covid is a great demonstration of innovation, trust and collaboration. At a community level trust is key to building a relationship with your funders and your collaborative partners. When we have this key component magic starts to happen and we see projects come to life. Funding HQ steps you through how to build trust with your funders through relationship building, community engagement and authentic collaboration with your partners. Check out this case study to see a triple collaborative win when two charities shared one sponsor.

Funding HQ has many more ideas and gives you frameworks to help you succeed. Find out if it’s a fit for your organisation here.


-Jenni Giblin