Enjoy funding success with these six top tips

If funding can help you realise your vision for 2020, then it’s time to put everything in place to win. 

Here are our six top tips for funding success.

1. Be strategic with your fundraising.

Take time and care to build strong relationships and understand your funders’ needs. Also, keep your focus on showing the value the funding will provide to the community at a variety of levels.

2. Have a plan and get organised.

Fundraising is a big job! Planning well can smooth out the workload and identify areas where others in your organisation can help. Define roles, responsibilities, timeframes and most importantly – action! Everyone in the team should play a part. Together, you can keep fundraising high on the agenda so you’ll have the funds in the bank when you need them.

3. You don’t need to put all your eggs in one basket when so many funding options are available.

Explore local government, central government, trusts (community, gaming and private trusts), business sector/philanthropic sponsorship and community fundraising opportunities.

4. Engage others through compelling stories.

Having a strong case for investment and why someone should fund your project is critical to attracting funding. In a nutshell, this should:

  • Focus on how your organisation contributes to improved social, cultural, economic and environmental outcomes.
  • Explain the difference a funder’s support would make to community wellbeing. It’s important to show how funding will meet the needs of the community because funders focus on the impact and benefits of their investment.
  • Demonstrate that you have the support of your community – funders want to know that the community is behind you.

5. Keep your focus.

Tailor your applications, so they are relevant to a funder’s requirements. It’s just not worth copying and pasting the same material to do things faster. Funders will see that you haven’t taken their specific priorities into account. 

6. Look after your funders.

Creating truly sustainable partnerships means looking after them purposefully. Be clear about their own vision and how they measure success. Ensure they keep getting value from their partnership with you.

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April 2020