Council and racers win through partnership

Innovative Councils are helping to build resilience, sustainability and impact in their local not-for-profit sector, even when budgets are tight. The current environment is particularly demanding for key funders.

But, when community groups come prepared for impactful partnerships, everyone wins.

Councils are including Funding HQ in their long-term plan because the platform equips community groups to be effective partners. Below, we share the story of an adventure race —  it’s one of our favourite examples of creating value by working together.

This adventure took an exciting turn through partnership

Our local Council had a request to support an outdoor race in a remote community. Instead of looking only to its tight budgets, this Council got creative and proposed a unique solution. They’d stage a simulation for emergency training; the benefits themselves would be absolutely authentic. Fortunately, the race organisers were ready to step up; they made great partners for the Council’s search and rescue group.

The rescue group ran the race’s volunteer HQ as a mock emergency, using it as a valuable training exercise. In the process, they brought together an enthusiastic group of volunteers community to help feed the race participants. In addition, event organisers secured the help they needed and the Council was able to test its systems in emergency systems.

The results were a victory

When the racers hit the finish line, everyone was a winner. A genuine ‘value-add’ partnership delivered results. Together, the Council and the race organisers achieved social and economic benefits that went far beyond those of the event itself.

Funding HQ provides not-for-profits with the skills and insights to become great partners for Council.  The platform helps build fundraising capability, and we hear that Councils enjoy working with more organised, innovative and accountable partners. Funding HQ subscribers also enjoy access to Funding HQ’s live database of funders. That means they can diversify their funding and for better financial independence.

If you’d like to find out about sharing the benefits of the Funding HQ with your community, then let’s talk. To contact us, please email Jenni Giblin, call 027 898 8587 or register here, and we’ll be in touch. We can provide a personalised demonstration of the platform to show how Councils and local government can enjoy particular impact and efficiencies for those they work with.

Know of a community group that could benefit from tips on becoming a great partner for funders? Please feel free to share the recording of our recent webinar on working with councils and local government.