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[Webinar 2] An insider’s guide to local government funding

Funding HQ’s upcoming lunchtime webinar on Monday 30 November will provide expert tips on developing an effective funding relationship with your local Council, and we’d love you to join us. 

This webinar is part of Funding HQ’s series that aims to help you reach your funding potential. It will feature one of Funding HQ’s in-house experts, Craig Ireson who has over ten years’ experience in local government. He’s worked with councils of every size throughout the country.
Craig will share his insider’s insights to:

  • understand the different types of council funding available
  • find your champion inside the council
  • bust some myths about how councils work
  • highlight the dangers of loose lobbying and playing politics
  • lift the lid on how making a project ‘local’ helps gain funding and support.

Funding HQ steps you through a comprehensive and practical process for developing effective funding relationships with your local Council and provides tools and templates for ensuring your project aligns with their strategic priorities. 

This is the second webinar in our series that aims to give you more insight into how Funding HQ can help you reach your funding potential.
Places are limited, so please register early to make sure you don’t miss out.


Date:  Monday 30 November

Time:  12.30pm – 1.30pm

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