Understand a donor’s motivation and then help them achieve their goals

It’s essential to be open and flexible in your approach when working with a large donor or philanthropist, especially around what motivates them to give. You may be surprised. Being open and attentive in early meetings will help you to respond to a donor’s needs. It can even uncover exciting new benefits.

Jenni Giblin recalls working with the owner of a business who had given a lot to local projects over the years. She believed the owner was ready to leave a lasting legacy by donating a significant amount to help build a new sports complex. In a series of meetings over several years, a strong relationship was built. This benefactor became ready to commit the funding to help build the facility.

The donor accepted traditional benefits like branding and naming rights, but he also explained that he was looking for something future. What he really wanted was to use the process to help educate his family about the power of philanthropy and sponsorship. This insight enabled Giblin Group to tailor the process to help.

His children were brought into the conversations and took over much of the negotiations towards the end. New skills and connections were established that will extend beyond even this great project. If we had not listened, we may have missed a vital clue; this was about more than just a logo to this benefactor. Now, the relationship is stronger than ever.