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A common problem

Are you In the arts sector, and are you finding it difficult to access funds?  This has become more of a problem since Covid-19 hit our shores and events have been cancelled, some gaming trusts  became pressured and are no longer able to distribute funds. This year, we’ve had further challenges, we are heading into a recession, communities have been impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle and things are just tough!

We’ve been told by many charitable organisations that you face challenges around resources, and the time required to fundraise, along with difficulty in navigating the ever-changing funding environment is a struggle.

We research, and engaged with arts organisations prior to developing our brand new learning platform and found out that some of the key barriers to securing funds are:

  • Not knowing what funding options are out there
  • Whakamā/lack of confidence around making the ask
  • Difficulty telling their story in a compelling succinct manner
  • Low capacity/limited time to spend on fundraising
  • Inability to get fundraising advice due to financial constraints
  • A funding environment which is becoming increasingly competitive
  • Staff turnover resulting in loss of knowledge, relationships and stalled momentum around fundraising (particularly volunteers)
  • Lack of planning causing a reactive approach to fundraising
  • Boards not understanding their role in fundraising
  • Looking after funders/partners is often overlooked

Our solution for you

Now more than ever it is vital for organisations seeking funds to do so from a diversified range of funders. For those organisations who have funding coming from only one or two channels is high risk.

Funding HQ works with its members to create a sustainable and diversified personal funding plan from a range of sources; Central Government, Local Government, Corporates/Businesses, Trusts (gaming, private and community) Philanthropy, Foundations and communities.

We will help you write a clear and compelling case for investment, create a diversified plan and show you how to invest time into relationship management.

The Arts and Culture platform has been specially designed to support arts organisations and our goal is to enable these groups by making it easier, more cost efficient and faster to achieve your fundraising objectives.

It’s our mission to close the gap by building capability regardless of your organisation’s location or size.

We work on two key elements

  1. Building fundraising capability  – learning modules with case studies, examples of completed templates, video content.  This will teach you how to tell your fundraising story and the impact you have in your community.  We will provide you with templates that help you create a diverse and sustainable funding plan, teach you how to successfully implement the plan, and most importantly how you look after and retain your funding partners.
  2. Create fundraising efficiencies – We provide a safe repository to upload various fundraising documents (applications, supporting material, funding collateral) so that they don’t need to start again with each application and material is kept in one place, a dashboard to set tasks and track progress, and a fully equipped fundraising calendar.  You’ll receive email notifications of when funds open and close and reminders of when accountability reports are due, as well as a fully comprehensive database.

In addition to the online learning, We provide our members with monthly zoom coaching sessions with a fundraising expert. This time can be used to provide additional support and mentoring, such as running a specific session for the board, building internal team capability, role playing the ‘pitch’, peer reviewing or brainstorming approaches.

We also provide our members with access to an  interactive database of all funds available in New Zealand (Central Government, Local Government, Trusts and Foundations) that can be sorted by sector, region and fund dates. The database is updated on a fortnightly basis.

As well as access to the information above, members are invited to attend monthly Q&A zoom sessions with our team of fundraising experts where questions and additional support can be sought.  This is a unique way to connect with other arts organisations, share insights and support one another.

Quarterly webinars are available to members which cover specific topics relevant to the current fundraising landscape. These are recorded and made available for our members to access at any time.

Register to the Arts and Culture Funding HQ portal

If you would like to know more about the Funding HQ Arts and Culture portal, please register using the link below and we will be in touch soon.

Access to NZ Funding Database
The database is updated and refreshed monthly. The database contains the following funds all Central Government by Government Ministry/Department and Agency, Local Government, Gaming and Community Trusts and Foundations. This information can be sorted by sector and by region with information on opening and closing dates, fund criteria and funding amounts.
Funding HQ Membership
End-to-end fundraising coaching membership including strategic planning, developing your organisations compelling case for investment, your organization’s ‘why’ and outcome that you are delivering back to your community.
Fundraising Coaching
Coaching and support to help your organisation develop and implement a diverse fundraising plan including detailed modules on how to successfully secure funds from Central Government, Local Government, Corporate Sponsorships and Partners, Philanthropy, Gaming and Community Trusts and Foundations and Community Fundraising.
Complete Fundraising Strategy
Comprehensive modules on how to look after and retain your funding partners, how to activate their involvement, measure the impact of their contributions and report back to them.
Access to Fundraising Experts
Personalised zoom or phone call coaching sessions with one of our expert fundraising coaches to provide support, strategic advice, peer review work and a supporting ear during the challenging and sometimes lonely aspects of fundraising.
1 hour
1 hour
1 hour
Fundraising Templates
Downloadable templates and frameworks which can be populated to help guide the development and implementation of your funding plan.
Fundraising Websites
Link to useful and relevant websites to provide additional support.
Fundraising Q&A
Access to monthly Q&A sessions with our team of fundraising experts where all members of Funding HQ are invited to ask questions and seek additional support. This is a unique way to connect with other fundraising sectors across New Zealand, share insights and support each other.
Fundraising Webinars
Access to quarterly webinars which are recorded and can be accessed by your membership login. 
Team Membership
You and your team can access the Funding HQ Membership Area to access training, templates, resources and access the Funding HQ Database.
Fundraising Mentoring
One-on-one tailored and comprehensive sessions with one of our expert fundraisers to provide mentoring on strategy and implementation.
1 hour
1 hour
Monthly pricing$295+GST$1,135+

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