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Let’s celebrate our volunteers

December 4, 2020

Did you know New Zealand has 500,000 volunteers in sports and recreation alone? Imagine how many there are across every industry and sector. Volunteers are crucial in driving social, environmental...Read More

An insiders guide to local government funding

December 4, 2020

We recently completed the second webinar in our series. This time we focussed on sharing inside tips for developing an effective funding relationship with your Council.  Our Funding HQ in-house...Read More

Impact, community benefits, measure impact

Get ready to talk about impact

November 23, 2020

When you’re deeply involved in making a positive impact, it can sometimes be hard to explain it with a few concise messages. Where should you start? We’ve put together five questions to help...Read More

Resilience is essential in our sector

October 15, 2020

We've faced a lot of changes this year, and some of them have been pretty tough. Resilience has become one of the most important qualities we can nurture. At Funding HQ, we know that careful...Read More